New LACCD Student eMail Information

New LACCD Student eMail Account Information

Starting NOW, the current LACCD Student eMail accounts are being updated to Office 365 and the amount of storage for email and files has changed.  The directions below are updated to reflect the changes.

Q1. Why are you getting a new LACCD student email?

There have been many problems with personal student email accounts in the system.  Some students didn't put one into the system or didn't have one, or the address was incorrectly entered.  The need to communicate with students via email has become increasingly important and many students prefer that form of communication.  The new LACCD student email will make it easier and faster to provide secure financial aid information, registration appointments, counseling updates, and news from your instructors.  All students will be required to get information through the new accounts. 

Q2. What if I don't want to use my new LACCD student email?

Students who prefer to continue to use their personal email addresses can simply log into the new LACCD student email and set all communications to FORWARD to their personal email id.

Q3. What else do I get with my new LACCD student email?

  • Students get 23 GB of storage for email.
  • Students get 7 GB of storage for files.
  • Students can create calendars and share those calendars with others.
  • Students have a cloud-based Microsoft Applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel program with which they can create documents, upload, send as file attachments, and use much like a regular Microsoft Office program on their desktop.  This is a free service and can be used from any computer that connects to the Internet and to their email account.
  • Fall 2013, the new student email accounts will get additional services when it is upgraded to MIcrosoft Office 365.  See this comparison chart for new features. 
  • Link to Office 365 Getting Started Guide or watch the Office 365 Users Tour videos.  What you see in the videos may be different than what you see in the student accounts because you aren't paying for services.  The biggest difference is that your Office 365 is all cloud based.  You can't download the applications to use on your computer without being connected to the Internet.

Q4. How do I get help if my email says "not provisioned?"

Complete the LACCD Student eMail Trouble Ticket

Q5. How do I get information on how to use the email system?

Visit to get help and reference information regarding the different options. 

Cell Phone Settings help: If you log into your new LACCD student email account and click on OPTIONS - All Options - you can get help with the PUSH email to your cell phone.  The set up wizard will help give you settings for the incoming and outgoing mail servers.  Not all cell phones work with Microsoft Exchange server settings.  You might also download an app for IMAP and then use the IMAP settings directions that Microsoft help file gives you.  Your district email can be used with iPhones and Android cell phones but your particular cell phone might not support the protocols.  When you set up your cell phone you need to use 6 numbers for the password.  Since you only use 4 numbers when logging in through the Internet, you add 88 in front of the normal 4-digit PIN.  So if your SIS login = 1231 then you would use 881231 when you set up your cell phone to log into your new LACCD student email account.

Logging into using your full LACCD student email address also requires you to add 88 before the 4-digit PIN you use to log into your student information system. 

Q6. Where do I get help information for using the skydrive?

Visit to get helpful information regarding SkyDrive and its capabilities.

For more information, check the official information guides:

Watch the video on how to access your email account:  (After you set up your account the first time, you can go to and login without entering your SIS account.)


LACCD Legal Disclosure

Use of the District’s student e-mail system must comply with all applicable state and federal laws, and/or the District’s rules and regulations, including but not limited to Chapter 9, Article 8 of the Board Rules (“Conduct on Campus,”  and Administrative Regulation B-27 (“Use of District and College Computing Facilities,”   Misuse or abuse of the student e-mail system may result in disciplinary action from the colleges, criminal prosecution, and/or civil liability.    

Your incoming and outgoing e-mails are not completely private or confidential, nor should you have any expectation that they will be.  The District reserves the right to monitor or inspect communications within the student e-mail system.   Student records are protected under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), but your e-mails may not be considered a “student record.”  In addition, e-mails in your student e-mail account may be disclosed to third parties pursuant to lawfully issued subpoenas or where authorized or required by law, and in such cases, the District cannot assure you that it can or will raise privacy objections on your behalf.         

Effective Spring 2013, The Los Angeles Community College District’s (“District”) student e-mail system is the official means of communication from the District’s colleges.  You are expected to check your student e-mail account on a regular basis
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