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Agreement to LATTC Academic Honesty Policy

LATTC Academic Honesty Policy Agreement

Each user is required to agree to the LATTC Academic Honesty Policy, Student Identification, Academic Honesty and related technology policies for the college and the LA Community College District. This agreement is necessary to use the college computing resources and to maintain the college accreditation standards.

Please read the policies. (The policies will appear in a pop-up window after clicking the link.)

You can print the policies and/or review them at a later time by clicking the policies link on the LATTC Moodle home page

"Through the entry of my username and password, I affirm that I am the student who enrolled in this course. Furthermore, I affirm that I understand and agree to follow the regulations regarding academic integrity and the use of student data as described in the Student Conduct Code that governs student rights and responsibilities. Failure to abide by the regulations may result in disciplinary action up to expulsion from the college."

Thank you.

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