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Countdown: 60 Days to full transition to Canvas and Portfolium
by Linda Delzeit - Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 11:00 PM

Notice to all Students:

The college is transitioning from Moodle to Canvas and from Mahara to Portfolium.  

All students have been sent an invitation to join Portfolium but some may not have seen it.  Another announcement will be sent next week, and it will be sent to your LACCD student email address.  So please look for it.  When you open the email, there will be a link that takes you directly to the set up page. 

Beginning Summer 2016, all classes will be done in Canvas.  So if you have any content in Moodle that you might want to save, you need to download it by the end of the Spring Semester.

Starting now, students need to use Portfolium to develop ePortfolios.  Those students and employees who have content in Mahara have two options to move their content before Mahara is no longer available:

  1. You can move your pictures over to Portfolium and rebuild your ePortfolio there.  Portfolium will remain FREE to students for as long as they wish to keep their profile.  The advantage is to create a fresh eportfolio with more integration to jobs and a modern look.  Start fresh and leave the old, unfinished pages behind.  Grab your photos and videos and move them to the new platform.
  2. You can EXPORT your content from the LATTC Mahara site and transplant it on a free Mahara site at You can follow the directions at

Two of the workers in the Open Lab have created their Portfolium profiles and eportfolios and can assist students who ask for help.

For more information and to download the Portfolium Fact Sheet and watch the Canvas Video go to