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Announcing the new LATTC ePortfolio System
by Linda Delzeit - Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 10:25 PM

Beginning tomorrow current students will be receiving access to their official LATTC Portfolium! **You’ll receive an email containing your login information with the subject: “Access your LATTC Portfolium” and if you don’t receive the email but wish to be included, you can send an email to and get a special invitation to join.  Your email needs to include your first name, last name, student ID# and your preferred email address. 


Portfolium is LATTC’s new ePortfolio and career readiness network designed for students and graduates of all majors! Here are 3 HUGE reasons we’re proving you with an official LATTC Portfolium: 


You’ll be doing amazing things at LATTC - Be recognized for it

Portfolium gives you the ability to build a beautifully organized, visual record of your academic and professional story using the work you are completing both in and out of the classroom. Upload real work samples including photos, videos, presentations and papers to showcase your coursework, projects, extracurriculars, volunteer activities, internships and work experiences.


Companies Hiring Students and Alumni with Portfolium

Your Portfolium will be showcased directly to our exclusive industry partners and companies such as Disney, Nike, Verizon, Google, Boeing, SpaceX and Facebook. Enhance your resume and your online social/professional profiles such as LinkedIn by building a strong, long lasting portfolio that you will take with your after you graduate - it remains 100% free.

Connect with your fellow classmates!

Connect and collaborate with fellow classmates and club members on projects and activities. Be inspired and learn from others across all majors and fields of study. Share ideas, encourage each other and build a community of like minded hard working students.

Mahara will disappear June 30, 2016

Workshops will be scheduled to help students move old Mahara ePortfolio content to the new ePortfolium system.  More information will be published at the Academic Technology web page for all students in the near future.

Let’s show the world what it's really like to be a student at LATTC!

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