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Campus Network shutdown will not impact Moodle
by Linda Delzeit - Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 11:58 AM
There will be a campus-wide network outage scheduled from 4:00 PM on Friday(7/25/2014) to 11:00 PM on Saturday(7/26/2014)  due to the DWP campus-wide power shutdown.
The network services, Internet service, email, DEC, SAP and wireless services will be down during this time.
All services should be restored by Sunday morning 7/27/2014.
This means students won't be able to contact instructors via email but can still send Moodle messages which the faculty can get when they log into Moodle.  
All summer student accounts have been switched over to MANUAL from LDAP so there will be no interruption in performance.  If you have problems logging into Moodle, submit a Trouble Ticket at the Student Help Desk.