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June 11 and June 12 - Moodle changes
by Linda Delzeit - Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 10:00 PM

To the Students Using Moodle 2 now -

There are changes happening to Moodle 1 and Moodle 2 that will impact you and I want to be sure you are aware.

  1. On June 11, the Moodle 2 server where you did your Spring 2012 class will go OFFLINE.
  2. All of the content from the Moodle 2 server, including your class and your account will be moved to new hardware.  Your account will change from LDAP authentication that using the same PIN as your student information system login to MMDD of your date of birth. 
  3. On June 12, the new production site for classes will be Moodle 2 and you will be able to log in at  If you also have classes on the Moodle 1 site, it will be moved to for a month or so.

Your semester is over and your teacher may have already closed your eClassroom.  If you still have access, you can and should go in and download/save any lecture content that you want to keep. 

PLEASE be sure to work with your teachers on any details if you are requesting a grade of Incomplete.  Get the details of what, when, where, and how in writing.  The Incomplete Grade Contract is attached.