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Moodle Update - Important Changes
by Linda Delzeit - Monday, March 25, 2013, 8:38 AM

Changes taking place SPRING BREAK.

  1. Moodle accounts will be changed to use the exact same PIN as your student information system.  Your Moodle password will not automatically be MMDD and if you changed your Moodle password, it will get changed to your SIS password during spring break.
  2. Your Moodle account will be changed on April 8 to have your new LACCD student email.  After this change is made, you can edit your Profile and put in any email account you want to use.  Updated directions to edit your Moodle profile are in the Student Help Desk.

Other Updates:

Also, the information in the new LACCD Student eMail has been updated to include links and tips to set up your new campus email with your smart phone.

Best link to log into new campus email = and this link is on Moodle home page.