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Moodle Copy & Paste Issues with Firefox and Right-Click Mouse Commands
by Linda Delzeit - Friday, February 22, 2013, 10:50 AM

Students have been experiencing issues with the COPY and PASTE functions in Moodle when using FIREFOX and the RIGHT-CLICK mouse options.  This message is intended to help that group of users.

1. This does not seem to happen with other web browsers.  Firefox is our browser of choice so what follows are KEYBOARD COMMANDS for copy and paste to eliminate the problem.

2. When you want to COPY text, use the mouse to highlight the text.  Then hold down the CONTROL key (Windows) or the COMMAND key (Mac) and type the C key just once.  This COPIES the text you highlighted.

3. When you want to PASTE the text, go to the assignment, click on the button to add or edit your submission, and then hold down the CONTROL key (Windows) or the COMMAND key (Mac) and type the V key just once.  This PASTES the text into the assignment window without error.


Here are similar keyboard shortcuts:  (Windows = CTRL and Mac uses Command Key)

CTRL + a = highlight all

CTRL + z = undo the last action

CTRL + y = redo the last action

CTROL + b = make the highlighted text bold

CTRL + i = make the highlighted text italic font

CTRL + p = print the page

CTRL + u = make the highlighted text underline


Also note: the button to EXPORT TO EPORTFOLIO does not work.  This is a known bug, so don't report it or use it.